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Here is a sample of various marketing related works I have created

  • MightyCall E-bookMightyCall E-book
    This E-book/Whitepaper was created to help inform potential customers who were in the decision stage of selecting a Virtual Phone system. This was built alongside a landing page I created in Hubspot to both track and drive new customer acquisitions.
  • Ibanez Strategy and Business PlanCapture2
    This is the product of an advanced marketing strategy course at WWU. Its purpose is to both analyze current market trends in the music industry as well as to provide a new product to further develop their strategy and reach more markets.
  • Bing Client Optimizations
    This is a sample of a SEO/SEM write up for a client done in March 2017 for improving their search rankings, improving CPAs, and customer funnel optimization.
    Portfolio Examples
  • Medio Portfolio
    This Portfolio contains various works done at Medio, multi-step walkthroughs on how each task was handled, and a letter of evaluation/recommendation.



*Update: For an example of a full website with Active SEO and Ads running that I’ve created take a look at –