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If this is your first time reading here, then you may be a bit confused. If it’s not, then we’re gonna take a minute to reflect on all of the things one individual can learn in just a couple of months time in this conclusion(or is it?) of my marketing blog series. Oh, and here’s a fun word cloud I made of some of the words use!

Here were some key principles I learned on writing successful blog content:

You don’t need to be an expert on something before you write – With wordpress related content tools and Google open, all your need to do is quote the experts! The important part of this is that you need to know who your audience is and what interests them and then tailor everything you write to that.

Envision a direction for your content but don’t limit where it will take you – Keep an open mind on what will actually go into any post. Get inspired by everything you read and take mental(or physical) notes of anything you deem sharable. I remember explaining to Lena McCleney  that finding content to write about is a lot easier when you let the content inspire you, instead of trying to find words to inspire others.

The key to true virality is providing content that benefits the reader. I always wondered how to make something actually go “Viral”, and after a few sales classes and thanks to this digital marketing blog, I think I found a key factor. Like anything in sales & marketing, we are always looking for how the product will benefit the person buying it. In this scenario the blog or website content is the product, and the reader is the buyer. Not only must we communicate that the content is valuable to read, but they will benefit from sharing it in some way. Always asking, “What’s in it for them?”. I shared a link on my Facebook and it was re-shared by multiple other people, all for their own reasons. Here’s a quick list of reasons some people shared content

  • They were directly mentioned in a post – Cross promotion at its finest!
  • It was posted as a help tool for a simple SEO guide – It provided value for someone in need.
  • Intelligence by association – Just like I post articles of smart sounding people in here, people will share something to assert that they too are intelligent (As kindly pointed out by Mark Staton.)

The results of all the time, words ( approximately 10,000 according to MS Word), and effort (too bad Word can’t measure that too) paid off in a short span of my websites growth, shown in the WordPress analytics tool.


For only being 5 days into December that graph is pretty skewed. But that’s exactly what happens when you evoke those principles all at the same time (and add a few shameless plugs on your facebook).

All in all, I realized that blogging is not much different from traditional marketing. Knowing your audience, their needs, and how to appeal to the ‘what’s in it for them’ model all apply to blogging and internet content. Sometimes it’s just not as lucid as to where all of those principles apply. People get bored very quickly, so constantly ask the question, “Would this be worth my time if I were reading it” and if it’s not, then you better scrap that! Because remember, if you wouldn’t want to spend 5 minutes out of your busy day to read something, why would anyone else?



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