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I thought the title of this post was befitting as the name of this blog is ‘Digital Nation’. That’s because mobile is taking over the digital market, as well as much of the world. Everyday we spend more and more time with our phones, so much so it’s more than the time we spend with our significant others. We are becoming so tech dependent that our phones are moving out of our pockets and onto our wrists and faces (i.e. Google Glass). 

But what does all of this mean for us as marketers and just everyday people?

Well besides the obvious of staying up with the times and trying to stay innovative, we can use this information to our benefit.
Our favorite law to follow, Moore’s Law of course, seems to be holding true for more than just computer hardware.  In this figure from eMarketer we can see how advertising revenue has been doubling every year-

With almost 16 Billion dollars by the end of 2013 we’ve seen astounding jumps in the mobile ad space; with Google and Facebook dominating the charts capturing 70% of the total market together.

But ads aren’t the only thing growing; mobile visits to websites and social media alike are experiencing rapid growth. LinkedIn said by the end of the year 50% of their total traffic will be mobile, which isn’t surprising for a company heavily investing in their mobile site, as we see services like their email compiler (however scary it may seem).

So what do we do now that we know how big mobile really is?

  • Invest in a proper mobile site – A mobile UI/UX can be one of the biggest factors in monetization
  • Develop strategic advertisements for mobile users – Mobile CTRs have shown to be much higher than traditional ad space
  • Encourage, Enable, and Engage your mobile users – Companies who have embraced mobile have seen sales increase by as much as 50%

So now there’s no excuse to not making it big in mobile! All sorts of programs and information is out there to optimize our efforts. All we need to do now is act.
Also, here’s a fun infographic from Go-Globe on mobile –


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