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I’ve already discussed in a previous post that differentiation is key for being a successful marketer. I gave the example of learning to do basic coding via . But just learning how to code may not be enough in this tough job market. As you probably already know, everyone and their mom is trying to go into marketing; saturating the marketplace for potential careers and causing  those of us looking for a decent wage to have to rise above and beyond in what we do. One of these ways is being a successful technical marketer through a base [or advanced] level in SQL.

SQL or ‘Sequel’ is the de facto standard coding language that is used to communicate with databases.  With it, there is no more downloading endless worksheets, manipulating them by hand, and doing complicated analysis that is not easily reproducible.  You can communicate directly with the database, extract exactly what you need, and because your procedure is there written in code and not lost in a series of manual copies, pastes, and filters, you can re-run it at any time and easily find and fix errors in your process. -via VaultAnalytics

Quoting Jamie Steven who wrote why ‘Every Marketer Should be Technical’ said ,”Perhaps my favorite reason to develop these skills is the ability to communicate better with everyone in your organization. If you know what’s possible, then you’ll know what to ask for when you work with developers, designers, and analysts. And in many cases, you’ll be able to just do the work yourself.”

What work boils down to for many companies is you either do it yourself, or you know exactly what needs to be done so you can communicate that to your coworkers.

Don’t think you’ll be using SQL? Companies far and wide all over the world are integrating SQL for a better connected and educated standpoint. Data in this age is gold, but unfortunately there’s so much of it, many marketers are unable to fully harness its potential. Companies such as Toys R us, GE. Intel and many more are using marketing analysts with SQL knowledge to better inform their decisions. Database Queries help companies to analyze their past events and predict future events

While learning code may not seem like the prettiest thing the use of SQL in marketing is like the role of a branch at the end of which hangs an apple. The branch is there to provide everything to the apple (water, nutrients, support). The branch will go unnoticed in the end, but the apple will be eaten and appreciated by all.

This recipe list from the moz guide on being technical marketer shows some of the best traits to acquire to yield extreme differentiation and the most streamlined marketer there is. Mastering or even acquiring a basic knowledge of these techniques will give you the resources and skills to be a 1-man marketing machine.

If you want to get started on some basic SQL try checking out for some awesome lessons!

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