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Everyone knows that in branding one of the key principles to success is differentiation. [And by everyone I mean other people who are in marketing]

In a world where there’s a hundred different kinds of soda, a million different clothing brands, and billions of people all trying to get a job; we have to be able to differentiate. Employers are doing the same thing. When they get a stack of resumes and spend 7 seconds looking at it they’re going to ask themselves, “What makes this person different?”. Well one of those ways could be your experience in code. That’s right, computer programming. There’s dozens of different languages commonly used and even knowing basic forms of any language will put you a step above everyone else in your field.

For our digital marketing class this week we were challenged to see how much we could learn in just 2 hours using I was amazed on how much I got through in that amount of time, and how fun of a challenge it turned out to be. It was satisfying to solve problems and create content no one has ever seen before.


You may be looking at that picture and thinking to yourself, “I don’t know how to do any of that!”
Well you’re in luck, because just a short time ago, I knew very little as well.

I encourage anyone looking for an edge up on the competitive workplace to find a skill that they could differentiate themselves with.
Programming is something that is never going to back down. It is the doctor/construction worker of this tech age. As time progresses only more employers will want to see that you know how to program as well. CNN even ranks software developer as the #1 growing occupation.
However, It’s important to note i’m not advising everyone to go get a degree in computer programming, I’m merely stating that even with basic knowledge of this growing field, we can set ourselves apart and show employers we provide value that they could not get from just any other candidate, and do all this while having fun!

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