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Lately there has been a lot of hype all focused around how social media and blog content is the new giant in marketing.
While creating a positive brand image and interacting with consumers is important we need to remember that it is not all.

Here’s some quick definitions of each, because I firmly believe in everyone being on the same page before talking about something.
Paid: Traditional media as we refer to as advertisements like banner ads, commercials, and other stuff that we tend to not like.
Owned: Channels the brand owns and can push out content for free: Websites, blogs, social media accounts.
Earned: Customer sharing of valuable content you created: Typically the most difficult to create.

This chart from forrester gives additional examples of how each type of media is used.

Earned owned paid charat

Knowing the difference between each segment of media is important, but what is even more important is knowing how to combine all of them to create “Converged Media”. Like anything in marketing, we know that nothing is independent, so why should we treat out different media channels like they are? By combining all channels we create a single brand entity that can interact with consumers on multiple levels.

In an article from Business Trends we find an example of convergence media using Facebook. We share a post on our blog[Owned], to our Facebook in hopes that others will like and share it[Earned]. We find that we reached about 40% target, so we promote the post[Paid] to increase overall reach.

The Atlantic, uses a similar tactic, they will put sponsored posts on the same page as their content that people are already on. Doing this they found that CTRs were nearly 1.5x that of normal sponsored posts on another page.

Not only is this technique effective in reaching the greatest amount of people, it also has a cycling effect. After paying to reach more users, more people will like your page, and intern read your blog posts and so on. But that all counts on the fact that you are providing valuable, worthwhile content  that encourages people to read.

Our marketing efforts should be like a POEM:
Paid, Owned, and Earned media.
Not like some boring encyclopedia,
But a marketing mix that makes us feel at home.
Messages that come in from multiple sources,
Powerful and fun for people to endorse[s].

A big part of knowing which part of the POEM you should use depends on what is being promoted, and also what makes sense in a certain context.
For me, I should probably stay away from writing any more poems, because that didn’t go nearly as well as I had hoped.  ;)
Experiment in what makes sense for a particular brand and converge all forms of media to create a connected experience.

This graphic gives some more content on how all forms of media are connected.

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