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Social Media is taking over our lives. We are so connected to our digital world that sometimes we find ourselves needing to take a break and disconnect to see what’s around us.

Don’t believe me that social media is on course for world domination? According to a Nielson Report social media trends from 2011 to 2012 have been steadily increasing. In 2012 alone 121.1 Billion minutes were spent on social media. Yes, that is 121,100,000,000 minutes, or 230,060 years for those who of us who find that number to be quite incomprehensible. Up from 88 Billion in 2011. We can expect the same kind of growth into 2013 as well; meaning something like 166 billion minutes.

Now if time spent on social media alone isn’t enough to convince you, in the same report we find people just can’t get enough social media, it’s so important that 33% of people said they take it on the toilet with them. I would say the other 67% are just lying, but who knows.

All of this social media isn’t just for nothing though. Brands everywhere are seeing improved relations with their customers and more importantly consumers are are saying they feel more ‘Connected’ and ‘Informed’ than ever before. But all of this informing does not come without a sour backhand for brands unwilling to follow the internets unspoken rules.

A great example of informity causing a great downfall is with Applebee’s PR nightmare. Long story short, you can’t hide anything from the internet… And more importantly, if it’s on the internet once, it’s there forever. It’s the duty of marketing professionals and brands in general to live to a higher standard now, because the spotlight has a way of catching every action, good or bad.

In many cases we can see how Big Data is influencing our every day lives. With social media combining with this expanse of data brands will only get smarter. One day we might see a world with personalized response emails from all of our favorite brands (with some free coupons on top if you ask me). But remember not all data is worthwhile data. It’s our job as smart professionals to discern between the good and the bad using a few important metrics from Mashable.

Knowing all that we do now, social media trends are indeed moving towards dominating our lives, but it may not be as bad as we thought; staying informed, connected, and [in] love with all of our favorite brands and people.  :)

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