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It would probably help to start out defining what the heck inbound marketing is. Because for so many of us, it seemed to pop out of nowhere and get adopted by marketers everywhere as this ominous thing that no one is quite sure what exactly it means. That happens a lot in marketing. That’s why we should intend on staying ahead of the game and be the person using these new and fancy sounding jargon words that no one else knows.

Inbound Marketing

1). Any marketing tactic that relies on earning people’s interest instead of buying it.

 2). A dialogue between the customer and the marketer matching desired content.

Inbound marketing is often referred to as ‘Content Marketing’, meaning it’s all about giving meaningful content to those who want it. A great example of how inbound marketing affected me recently was through ads from Google and Facebook. I had been doing research for buying computer parts. This included buying a new graphics card, RAM, and Power supply. After I did all of this I noticed there were some inbound ads being shown in Google search and Facebook coming in from tech suppliers like NewEgg (which is like the amazon of computer parts). They were displaying things like new graphics cards, which to be honest I wasn’t interested in because I had already just bought one. Where the true inbound marketing came in was when it was able to match that I had been buying expensive computer parts with that equating to higher PC temperatures. That’s when I started seeing ads for new fans for my PC. Eventually I bought a fan and I started seeing ads for the cables that connect the power supply to the fans. So I bought those too.

Inbound marketing is a highly educated conversation between companies and the buyers wants.

So often is marketing bashed and hated because people view it as deceitful, and many times it can be. But the great thing about inbound marketing and content marketing, is that you’re only seeing the things you desire. It is not like a pesky door-to-door salesman that is offering you children books for your non-existent children. It just matches content that will provide value and interest to the consumer.

Here’s a quick and simple graphic to help illustrate how inbound marketing works

A key thing to take away is that by providing valuable content consumers create a content cycle that helps promote the brand.

Final takeaways:

  1. Content marketing needs to be Content based – Heavily segment and target the right customers for the right product.
  2. Inbound marketing is a conversation between brand and customer.
  3. Start with SEO/M for basic inbound marketing.
  4. Like any other thing in marketing, always provide value to the customer.

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